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How it's done

Final pulley inspection: The finished pulley is cleaned and inspected carefully. Concentricity, balance, dimensions, and surface finish are all checked.

Pressing the bearing: When the correct bearing is selected, the pulley is then placed in an arbor press so the bearing can be firmly seated with even, gradual pressure.

After pressing the bearing into the pulley, each bearing is secured with stakes to keep it in place.

Pressed and staked pulleys are now arranged for final inspection.

The correct magnetic coils are now selected and placed inside the pulley cavity with a protective film to avoid damage in shipping.

Each coil is tested individually for proper resistance before the next step.

When the coils are put into place, the corresponding hub/balancer assemblies are put on.

Assembled complete clutch kits are now placed on special cardboard grids to be ready for the vacuum operated heat-shrink wrapping machine.

When the shrink wrapping process is completed, the units are sent to a special saw that cuts each unit into precise sizes for packaging.

Preparing for shipment: The clutch is now labeled and packed with extreme care. Small hardware parts are added along with a detailed instruction sheet.

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